Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Alan Moore on Resonance

Resonance FM has recently been broadcasting (and podcasting) a great comics series, and the latest show is an interview with Alan Moore that’s definitely worth a listen.

For those that don’t know, Resonance FM is a listener-supported, London-broadcasting, available-worldwide, dedicated Arts radio station, full of the most wondrous, bizarre, fascinating stuff, all of the time. I started listening about five years ago when they’d frequently broadcast birdsong for hours at a time – which was wonderful as I was living in a highrise in Camden at the time.

Resonance is currently in severe financial difficulties, and struggling to stay afloat. If you like what you hear, please think about donating to keep this unique and utterly deserving project going. That it needs our help is sad, but its passing would be even more so.


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Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Mad lit

“I hear 4-7 voices, all the time… They talk to each other, talk to me… ‘Janey’s doing this, Janey’s doing that… should she be doing that? … why don’t you do this?’ It’s very distressing, it’s very obscene… I hate it.”

Janey Antoniou is a mental health service user and freelance trainer and writer on mental health issues, and she was on Radio 4 this morning. Today’s Between Ourselves discussed schizophrenia and you can hear the highly recommended programme again (for a limited time) on the show’s site. Janey’s responses to the interviewer’s questions were, unsurprisingly, pretty heartfelt:

“Are you hearing them now?”
“Yes. I don’t want to talk about it otherwise I’ll have to start concentrating on it.”

But there is another side to the voices, one that we talk about more often in literary terms, but which becomes sidelined when we discuss mental health issues. Janey’s fellow guest, Dolly Sen, explained that “I also hear voices and I also hear them all the time. When I’m feeling depressed then the voices will be negative, but likewise when I’m feeling a bit high or a bit elated it can be actually quite beautiful to listen to my voices. I’m a writer and a poet and I do sometimes get my poetry from the voices I hear.”

Dolly’s poetic voice, as well as various other guises, can be heard on her website. She is one of a number of writers published by Chipmunka, the world’s first dedicated mental health publisher, who believe that mental health will become part of the social norm, and are doing all they can to ensure a smooth, informed transition. You can read more about Dolly, Chipmunka and the Mad Lit genre in an article by Ben Watson over at Mute magazine.

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