Friday, February 2, 2007

So, farewell then…

Personal History

As regular readers have probably noticed by now, activity on the STML Litblog has been noticeable by its absence for some time now. Because there’s nothing less impressive than an inactive blog, I’ve decided to go into mothballs for the foreseeable future.

This is a real sadness for me personally, and I would like to think for a few of you, as it’s been fun. I’ve had a personal blog in one shape or another since 1998, and I like the format: I’ve had fun writing it, I’ve started some really interesting conversations, and I’ve met a lot of interesting people; but I’ve no intention of continuing to run what is essentially a vanity project when I can’t keep it running at a respectable level.

Events have taken over, and other activities have taken a higher precendence. I’ll continue to run the main as a personal project, and I intend to revamp the site shortly to better reflect my current interests. I hope some of you will keep on visiting, and keeping in touch via stml at I’ll also continue to blog at, my site focussing on the various convergences of technology and literature, and I’m going to be contributing regularly to 3:AM Magazine’s Buzzwords blog, as well as performing editorial duties for the magazine.

Never say die, and a resurrection may occur at some future point, but for now this blog will no longer be updated, although it will be maintained as an archive, to the best of my ability. For those hungry for more book-related blog material, may I suggest BritLitBlogs for all your litblog-related needs.

To those who’ve dropped by, contributed, commented or just read this site over the years, thank you. You’re too kind. See you around.


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Haha, that’s quite funny, I suddenly think about you for the first time in years and look up your blog the day after you announce you are finished writing it.

I am amused by the synchronicity – or whatever the opposite of that might be. Like the universe really doesn’t want me to say hello. Probably some kind of matter/anti-matter scenario. Cosmic catastrophe and that.

Maybe write at you more another time.

[Whether this makes any sense depends, I suppose, on how literal the title “short term memory loss” is. For the record, I wrote some crazy email at you in the summer of 2001 when I was trapped in an office and thinking too much about how cranes get put up. I know now. A clever person told me. You were kind enough to reply to my inane ramblings, helping me while away my indenture until such time as I escaped the office and fled to London, where I am now paid to talk at people for a living! Yay!]


All farewells should be sudden . . . thanks for your insight along the way.

Lee Rourke.